Art Director


  • 1. Passionate. We want someone with their own vision, who can mentor others and get them inspired to create amazing things from small to all-encompassing, whether UI design for an app, a new product idea, a website or an entire brand campaign.
  • 2. Intuitive. You have to have the instinct, that edge, of seeing what the client wants and needs beyond their words.
  • 3. Deadline Driven. Getting things out the door fast without jeopardizing an iota of quality control is the difference between the best and the rest. We are looking for the best to join us.
  • 4. A Team Player. You have to be able to play in the sandbox with others, even when the times get rough, the hours get late, and you are pushed beyond your patience. We are a tight knit team so personality and positive attitude are critical. Also, a willingness to learn our approach to things is key to maintaining our culture, as well.
  • 5. Risk Taker. You have to be willing to push creative limits and think outside of the box. You must challenge status quo, know how to give relevant design options to the client that go beyond their expectation and desire, but also know how to make everything connect with them.
  • 6. Entrepreneurial Spirit. We are looking for someone that can run with what they have. Being able to take a project from start to finish, while keeping an eye on the big picture as well as the details, is a major aspect of the position. This includes handling communications between the client and our internal teams and creating a plan/process that will take us to the execution of any idea.
  • 7. Renaissance Man/Woman. As a full-service agency, Pulse Creative deals in all aspects of marketing and design whether it be graphic design, multimedia, interactive/online experiences, social media, PR and so on. The candidate must be familiar with all the different mediums we work with and be able to keep up on the most current trends within each field.


  • – Manage creative process for various client projects
  • – Supervise work production, schedule, and management of flow
  • – Assist with creative team staff supervision
  • – Nurture team mentorship/motivation
  • – Help with new business pitches & presentations
  • – Maintain the agency’s quality and creative excellence
  • – Looking for someone with at least 4 years of client-facing experience


  • – Adobe Creative Suite expertise (Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator)
  • – Great people skills (Managerial and Client Facing)
  • – Solid presentation skills (with active knowledge of Powerpoint and Keynote)
  • – Social media user & advocate
  • – Great personality
  • – Positive attitude


  • – Experience with web design/development process and project flows (HTML5, WordPress, Dreamweaver, e-comm solutions, etc.)
  • – Knowledge and understanding of the newest trends in technology (scrolling parallax, big data solutions, social media, etc.)
  • – Familiarity with video & motion graphics processes (Final Cut, Maya, Premiere, After Effects, etc.)