Month: January 2018

Marketing Intern

We are searching for a MARKETING MAESTRO to join us as a marketing intern. We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic, hungry to learn and are able to multi-task. At Pulse Creative, you will get the opportunity to work with a team of creatives…

Erik Preston


As the office rock star, Erik does it all – from graphic design and illustration to production and writing. Erik’s unique talents blend technical knowledge with practical experience. In addition, Erik has been producing and performing in a variety of extraordinary projects in and out of the office.

Kelly-Ann Thompson


Wake up, eat, design, laugh a little… sometimes a lot, jam to music, spend time with her daughter. Repeat.  All of this is fueled by 5% coffee, 25% whipped cream, 20% caramel & 50% sugar while creating email blasts, websites, logo branding, photo retouching… just to name a few.

David Alvarez


David is a jack of many creative trades – whether it’s art direction, droppin’ technical knowledge, or producing quality designs. His brand guidelines dictate that his primary color must be #000000, is a Brooklyn native, is a defender of animals, and connoisseur of sounds over 200 BPM & as slow as 20 BPM.