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Teamwork is the key to success. Collaborating with our client partners to understand their needs & agendas and pair them with experienced Pulse Creative members has been the foundation of our best work. Through collaboration, we accomplish bigger things than we would going at it alone.


We pride ourselves in creating multi-faceted solutions across all platforms and environments against an evolving, fast-paced world. Creating goes beyond just pretty pictures. We create purpose, awareness and conversation. And we develop content that resonates with today’s consumer – from soup to nuts; from pixel to print; from desktop to mobile, and from mobile to beyond.


Through smart marketing based on research and strategic thinking, Pulse Creative connects brands to people. Connecting every dot is crucial. Our dedicated research and strategy teams collect the proper data and analytics to always stay ahead of the curve. Pair that with a versatile design/production team and you’ll be engaging with your audience in no time.


Since 2004, our reputation has grown from being a small boutique agency to winning national and international awards year after year. These accolades define the caliber of our work throughout the years, and our commitment to quality for our clients.


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Executive Leadership


Monica Alvarez-Mitchell

Essence Visionary

Monica wears a multitude of hats for the company. To try and pinpoint exactly what she does might actually miss the point of who she really is. Her variety of skills includes photo retouching, composing creative blurbs, brand strategizing and Pulse’s ultimate Creative Director.

Notable Clients: Dance With Me, A&M, Disney, LG, Apl.de.Ap, Ralph Lauren, Hostess, Steve Madden


Jason Tsai

Creative Sensei

As one of the veterans of Pulse Creative, Jason has mastered the ability to rotate his head in a constant 360° motion & grow extra limbs to get the job done. Design and direct? Sure. Research and strategize? Done. Wipe poop from a baby’s butt (three in his case) and do super dad stuff? Effortlessly.

Notable Clients: A&M, Apl.de.Ap, Barclays Center, BoConcept, Disney, DuJour, LG Electronics, The ONE Group


Dhareza Maramis

Creative Zombie

Dhareza serves as one of Pulse Creative’s creative directors, where he spends his days & nights making things look pretty. He is intensely dedicated in growing the company’s clients. When not in the office, he can be seen in tights or armor at conventions as a professional cosplayer.

Notable Clients: Disney, Belvedere, Dentsu Aegis Media, Time Warner Cable, LG, Persistent Systems, Singer


Allison Sacco

Creative Drill Sergeant

Allison jumps around doing what needs to get done at work. Some days, she is a financial reports machine. Other days, you’ll find her crafting invitations or behind a computer focused on photo retouching. On interesting days, you will find her with a bullhorn corralling the Pulse Creative herd.

Notable Clients: Steve Madden, David Lerner, August Silk, Disney, Southpole, A&M, Dentsu Aegis Network, Dance With Me


Account management


Melanie Ediza

Account Angel

Melanie’s tenacity towards excellence is rivaled only by her dedication to bringing fun to all projects she oversees. As a seasoned multi-tasker, it’s easy for her to compose social media campaigns, close big-ticket deals, and take a selfie with a glass of vodka in her hand at a gala she organized.

Notable Clients: A&M, M Science, A3, Pinoy Relief


Schaeffer Kuzman

Account Maverick

Primed with a smile and an arsenal of dad jokes, Schaeffer lends his variety of expertise wherever needed for any project. A man of many hats, he has the ability to coordinate events, brainstorm the next big social campaign, or even teach client’s how to surf out in Rockaway on the weekend.

Notable Clients: M Science, OsteoStrong


Jack Lutz

Account Guru

Jack comes to Pulse Creative from Hollywood, CA – previously working in Television Production. A self-proclaimed “Pop Culture Connoisseur,” Jack spends his free time listening to Top 40 tunes, watching as much TV as possible, and seeing as many Broadway musicals as he can afford.

Notable Clients: Courtyard Farm, Island Records, Lever Data, PowerPlay


Pulse Core


David Alvarez

Creative Overlord

David is a jack of many creative trades – whether it’s art direction, droppin’ technical knowledge, or producing quality designs. His brand guidelines dictate that his primary color must be #000000, is a Brooklyn native, is a defender of animals, and connoisseur of sounds over 200 BPM & as slow as 20 BPM.

Notable Clients: Apl.de.Ap, Pinoy Relief, Belvedere, Persistent Systems, Vasper, A3 Worldwide


Kelly-Ann Thompson

Creative Empress

Wake up, eat, design, laugh a little… sometimes a lot, jam to music, spend time with her daughter. Repeat.  All of this is fueled by 5% coffee, 25% whipped cream, 20% caramel & 50% sugar while creating email blasts, websites, logo branding, photo retouching… just to name a few.

Notable Clients: PowerPlay, PBS, OsteoStrong, The Invictus Project, M Science, Vasper


Erik Preston

Creative Rock Star

As the office rock star, Erik does it all – from graphic design and illustration to production and writing. Erik’s unique talents blend technical knowledge with practical experience. In addition, Erik has been producing and performing in a variety of extraordinary projects in and out of the office.

Notable Clients: A&M, Dentsu Aegis Network, Island Records, M Science, The ONE Group, Apl.de.Ap


Evangelia Mokos

Creative Siren

Evangelia spends most of her day between Adobe programs (currently mastering XD), talking about how Greek she is, laughing at bad jokes, consuming snacks/iced coffee, & responding to one of the following versions of her name: Lea*, Leia, Leya, Leah, Lia, Layah, Eva, Angelina, Angelica, Evangelica, Evangelina, Evangelia* (correct versions!*).

Notable Clients: Victory Martial Arts, Vasper, PerUs Wine, M Science, A&M


Max Teets

Creative Reveler

When Max was a young man, he had a dream – this was to become one of the best designers this part of the northern hemisphere. Every day is a climb… But he is a creator, a designer, an artisan and he will rise.

Notable Clients: Victory Martial Arts, Vasper, A&M, PerUs Wine

Pulse Essentials


Stephen Brooks

Research Superhero

A research strategist by day, super hero by night. Stephen questions everything when it comes to his clients consumers, competitors, environment, analytics and strategy. He uses his super powers to turn this massive amount of data into real actionable insights that drive sales and ROI for his clients.

Notable Clients: A&M, Belvedere, Highview Capital, PowerPlay, Persistent Systems, M Science


Amanda Luna

Office Butterfly

Luna’s role has her jumping all over, and believe me, it’s just her speed. Her free time is spent restoring vintage clothing, designing for her own upcoming line, and cosplaying all over the USA! Though Luna’s true love is fashion, she actually went to school for Pastry Arts!


Nishal Shah

Research Ambassador

Research? Never heard of her (JK)! Nishal joined the Pulse Creative team & already feels right at home! He has a variety of skills, and continuously wants to learn in order to to be as well-rounded as possible. Nishal also loves Beyoncé, movies (Titanic, anyone?), baseball (Red Sox, duh) and football.

Notable Clients: Pixinity, Lever Data, The Invictus Project


Pulse Echoes


Nicole Marsiglia

Content Artisan

Live music enthusiast. True crime aficionado. Unproclaimed hippie. Social media content developer. There always seems to be a party at Nicole’s desk – yet she didn’t invite anyone.

Notable Clients: A&M, OsteoStrong, BirdieNow, Persistent Systems


Benjamin Starr

Content Guardian

Pop culture fiend. Foodie. Self-proclaimed “Renaissance man.” Benjamin brings creative thinking and enthusiasm to ensure his clients’ stories are told in a meaningful way. When he’s not in the office, you can find him tinkering with Photoshop, watching cartoons, or telling bad jokes.

Notable Clients: Persistent Systems, Courtyard Farm, A&M, Victory Martial Arts, PerUs Wine


Stephanie Liu

Content Choreographer

Food explorer, travel enthusiast, gamer addict. A social media superstar, Steph dances like everyone is watching. When she’s not in the office, you can find her playing Pokemon Go somewhere in the city.

Notable Clients: A&M, M Science, Pixinity


Avery Beaty

Content Charmer

Fueled by multiple cups of coffee a day, Avery is a restaurant enthusiast, a dog lover and a jet setter. She is a social media content creator, and when she’s not in the office, you can find her playing golf, relaxing at the beach and scrolling Instagram.

Notable Clients: PerUs Wine, Pixinity, Persistent Systems


Pulse Powered


Jeff Danysh

Web Warrior

Jeff works as the lead web developer for Pulse Creative, and has a busy family life raising 3 boys with his wife. He provides front-end skills as well as SEO strategy for our Pulse Powered clients.

Notable Clients: OsteoStrong, DuJour, M Science, A&M, Barclays Center, New Jersey Nets, The ONE Group, Dentsu Aegis Network, PowerPlay, WLS, Victory Martial Arts


Jeff Chang

Web Wizard

Jeff makes dreams a (virtual) reality. Hook him up to a computer and the only limits to what Jeff can do are syntax, time, and how fast the Internet bandwidth is that day.

Notable Clients: A&M, The One Group, Hogshead Golf Club


Dani Amsalem

Web Commander

As a web developer and systems professional, Dani is passionate about sharing what he’s learned with those around him. When not at work, you’ll find him studying everything from personal development to the latest coding language. He’s a nerd for everything that goes “zoom” and recently discovered classical music.

Notable Clients: A&M, Courtyard Farm, Persistent Systems, PowerPlay


Pulse Studios


Mikhail Gilbert

Multimedia Happy Feet

Mikhail is a video editor & motion graphics designer, as well as the office’s dance instructor. He is a well rounded artist, with skills in comic illustration, digital painting, 3D design and hand-drawn animation. He also likes long walks on the beach and “krumping” violently to loud music.

Notable Clients: A&M, Persistent Systems, A3


Steve Oyola

3D Dynamo

As an integral member of the video team and a 3D artist, Steve shares his skills with a background in television & film post-production. Being technical and extremely creative, he always pushes the boundaries of a project and helps it go from “oh that’s nice” to “holy $#*%, that’s amazing!!!”

Notable Clients: LG, Disney, Time Warner, Persistent Systems, Apl.de.Ap, Dance With Me

Partner Agency


Maggie Viola

Managing Manifestor

Viola Inc., a Pulse Creative strategic partner.

Now that you’ve learned who we are, get to know about the award winning work that we do at Pulse Creative.