Category: Research & Strategy

Nishal Shah


Research? Never heard of her (JK)! Nishal joined the Pulse Creative team & already feels right at home! He has a variety of skills, and continuously wants to learn in order to to be as well-rounded as possible. Nishal also loves Beyoncé, movies (Titanic, anyone?), baseball (Red Sox, duh) and football.

Amanda Luna


Luna’s role has her jumping all over, and believe me, it’s just her speed. Her free time is spent restoring vintage clothing, designing for her own upcoming line, and cosplaying all over the USA! Though Luna’s true love is fashion, she actually went to school for Pastry Arts!

Stephen Brooks


A research strategist by day, super hero by night. Stephen questions everything when it comes to his clients consumers, competitors, environment, analytics and strategy. He uses his super powers to turn this massive amount of data into real actionable insights that drive sales and ROI for his clients.